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I've been MIA, but for a good reason . . .

Beside the fact that my internet got screwed up from the series of storms a few weeks ago, I decided to take some time away from the internet.

I have internet, but I was in no way in a hurry to get it back. When my internet did go down I found myself with much less responsibilities. I hadn't realized how much of my life depended on this internet connection. Yes, it's nice to stay in contact with my friends from HS, or friends I've met onlione and at Conventions, as well as my family. But it got to them point where the moment I got home from work I would visit, Facebook, LiveJournal, MySpace, Twitter, and my e-mail. All of this took me HOURS to complete. By the time I was done, it was the sun had set and I would have to make dinner.

I get home at 2 in the afternoon and i'd have to make dinner at 6. That's 4 hours on the computer just checking messages and going on a few forums. At the time I thought that I was being social and productive. True I really was being social but the problem was I wasn't being very productive.

Instead of taking 4 hours to just ckeck my various sites, when I could be writting my first book in my series (Now that I have a publisher, I need to start kicking ass on it).

You could say this is my New Year's Resolution for 2010. Whish is this: I will allow myself to go online and browse and chek out my sites for 1-2 HOURS every 2-3 DAYS.

I'm hoping that this will help me to get this book done. Part of the problem is/was that I'd turn on my computer everyday with the intention on getting some sort of writting done. Instead, I'd automatically go open up IE and start my daily trips to the websites.

This will change, staring today. I'll keep you all informed on whether or not this is actually gonna work or not . . .
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