I know . . . I know . . .

I know my first post of the New Years wasn't very happy, but it couldn't be helped. I needed to vent.

I finally got some more cold medicine for this round of colds. It's nighttime so I actually have had a decent nights sleep. So, my mood has gotton better. It's amazing what a few nights sleep will do isn't it . . .

This weekend is going to be a fun one. My mom and I are going to Disneyland for 2 whole days. I even got us a room at the Paradise Peir Hotel for Saturday for my moms Christmas and Birthday presant. It is her B-day today, btw.
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Post Holiday Mental Breakdown/Rant

I was hopeing that I would go through the holiday season without a mental breakdown and/or rant. And I thought that I had made it.

First off: I've had this stupid cold now for a full month and it's still keeping me from getting anything what would resemble a normal nights sleep.

Second: Lack of sleep. My Insomnia roared it's big ugly head during the last two weeks.

Third: I started that thing that happens once a month. Yeah, that . . .

Forth: My brothers, well, brother, actually. The older one has actually been really cool, like dropping me off and picking me up to and from Disneyland. But the other one, boy, I made one peice of sisterly advice about getting started on his homework beofre mom got hone in a half an hour amd he made this rather rude comment. and this was after dad and me lugged all these grocries in the dark, while he just sat there on the couch. He used the "I don't have his shoes on excuse." I then retorted: "get your slippers on. I know you have a pair from last christmas you found yesterday." He just went back to watching tv. That little shit.

I then burst into tears and have been crying non-stop for the last 5 minutes (I'm amazed that I can type the condition I'm in) I might it might not Vlog about this. I mean have a big Holiday vid to put together tonight. and all of mine have been all happy go lucky posts.

I'm really getting sick anf tired of all of this crap. If I don't getting a decent's night sleep in the next few nights, I gett depressed and have suicidal thoughts again . . .
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